We offer a wide variety of sandwiches, both hot and cold, using Boar's head meats and Miller's ham with other fine meats.  
Our side salads are made in-house, and fresh green salads are made to order.  

The drink selection is as diverse as the sandwiches with over 300 types of beer, from A-B products to microbrews from around the world.  We have Coke products on fountain, with brewed iced tea, Chauvin coffee and lemonade.  Our bottled soft drink selection is a varied selection - Fitz's sodas, Excel and more.  Our wine selection includes Missouri wineries as well as other domestic wines and imports from Italy, Australia and others.  

Along with a large selection of 6 and 12-packs of beer, and bottles of wine, we carry cold individual bottles you may purchase to enjoy with your meal.

We can also cater your home or office party!  We have a selection of sandwich options from individual box lunches to sandwich platters. Check out our catering menu on the previous page!

We are proud to carry another St. Louis favorite,
Billy Goat Chips!  


Remember to place your sandwich, meat and cheese tray order or order a cake for dessert!!!

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are available for any deli merchandise! 

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Gold 'C' coupon books
and on the KETC Nine card! 

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